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About Us

Web Horizons is an integrated Information Technology Services company driven by a desire to push the envelope by accelerating business processes, building world class brand awareness, continuation of enterprise workflow on the fly and high end offshore software development with Custom Web Apps, Website Designing Services, Mobile Apps and the Works!

Web Horizons was created from a blend of “Web” and “Horizons” that symbolizes our journey and an unflinching quest to project a global technology perspective of modernism and pre-eminence. We love every aspect of technology and strive to deliver world class, real-time and bespoke apps and sites.

Our client diversity ranges from SMB’s to Large Enterprises and our work culture amalgamates a blend of talent, leadership and solution driven blueprints with calculated deliverables to attain productive industry transformations and brand value.

At Web Horizons, we redefine the perspective and power of Web Technology.
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